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ECO FRIENDLY: All our products are 100% biodegradable - completely decomposes without harming to the nature in 365/40 days.


100% SAFE: Made of sturdy, BPA-free, food-grade paper; disposable for easy cleanup after use. Comes with exterior PE coating, perfect for preventing condensation and becoming soft or soggy from the moisture. Great alternative to Plastic.


SUPERB QUALITY: We have the highest standards of quality in our company. All of our products are heat-cold tolerant and chemical-free. We don’t use any glues, glazes, or dyes on our products. All our products are certified and tested by the TUV laboratory in Germany. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with your purchase.


AWESOME AND INSPIRING: Stylish, convenient, sustainable, and clean. This disposable Kraft paper cutlery would be perfect for a wedding, garden party or just for picnic. Additionally shows to everyone that being environmentally responsible can also be cool, classy and trendy.


KNIVES, SPOONS AND MORE: We sell more than just cups. Our eco-friendly disposable Kraft paper cutlery line includes compostable plates, straws and more. When used together, all of these quality Kraft paper products make the perfect set for any brunch, lunch, or dinner party. All of our products can be purchased in bulk for large gatherings.

Kraft paper cups 110, 175, 250, 340 ml


    Kraft paper cup

    Product Dimensions (ml): 110, 175, 250, 340

    Made from premium Kraft paper

    Pack of 50 pcs

    Intended for one use only

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