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ECO FRIENDLY: All our products are 100% biodegradable - completely decomposes without harming to the nature in 365 days.


100% NATURAL: made from 100% natural birch wood and does not contain any plastics or harmful chemicals. Not bleached with chlorine. Great alternative to Plastic.


STRONGER: Up to 30% stronger due to the technology used in the production of the cutlery.


SUPERB QUALITY: We have the highest standards of quality in our company. All wood from responsibly-managed plantation forest. All of our products are heat-cold tolerant and chemical-free. We don’t use any glues, glazes, or dyes on our products. All our products are certified and tested by the TUV laboratory in Germany. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with your purchase.


AWESOME AND INSPIRING: Stylish, convenient, sustainable, and clean. This disposable wooden cutlery would be perfect for a wedding, garden party or just for picnic. Additionally shows to everyone that being environmentally responsible can also be cool, classy and trendy.


KNIVES, SPOONS AND MORE: We sell more than just plates. Our eco-friendly disposable wooden cutlery line includes compostable knives, spoons, forks and more. When used together, all of these quality birch-wood products make the perfect set for any brunch, lunch, or dinner party. All of our products can be purchased in bulk for large gatherings.

Wooden plates 23 cm

SKU: 0017

    Wooden plate

    Product Dimensions (mm): 230 Diameter x 34 Width x 1,2 Thickness

    Made from premium birch wood

    Box of 10 pcs

    Intended for one use only

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